Becoming a member of the Federation means obtaining a licence from the Federation. The licence grants its holder the status of member of the Balearic Golf Federation and qualifies for participation in official local or state sports activities or competitions.

An amateur player's sports licence is required to practice golf in Spain, according to the rules of the Consejo Superior de Deportes and the legislation currently in force.

The licence reflects three economic concepts:

  1. Compulsory civil liability insurance, which covers accidents that may occur during the practice of golf on duly approved courses.
  2. A fee corresponding to the Royal Spanish Golf Federation.
  3. A fee corresponding to the Balearic Golf Federation.

The validity of the federative licence is based on the calendar year, that is, from January to December of each year. Therefore, when a new federation membership is begun, the validity of its licence is established from that date until the 31st of December of the same year, with one single price that cannot be subdivided. The annual licence fee covers the fee from January to December of each calendar year.

New licenses cover the period from the date of registration until the 31st of December of the same year. Prices and categories, according to age, are detailed in the following table:

Category Ages Fees
Professional   104,90€
Senior with handicap Over 21 years of age 104,90€
Senior without handicap Over 21 years of age 92,50€
Junior Between 17 and 21 years of age 47,20€
Cadet Between 15 and 16 years of age 37,30€
Children Between 13 and 14 years of age 28,70€
Novice Between 11 and 12 years of age 28,70€
Starter Under 10 years of age 28,70€
*** All the prices listed include the territory fee (€18,80 for adults and €10,50 for children)

The player who wants to join the federation will need to fill in the required form for this procedure.

Once the application form has been completed, it will be sent to the Balearic Golf Federation.

All licence procedures within the Balearic Islands Community must be processed through the Balearic Golf Federation or a Federated Club, by the following means:

  1. Directly at the Club to which you belong as a member.
    Once the licence application form has been filled in and sent to you, the Club itself will process it on behalf of the new member. The ‘Signature and seal of the Club Competition Committee’ must be filled in on the application form.

  2. At the Balearic Golf Federation.
    1. In person: visit the offices of the Balearic Golf Federation and fill in the application for a federation licence.
    2. By postal mail to the following address: Camí de Son Vida, 38-1ª – 07013 Palma de Mallorca.
    3. Send the scanned form to
  3. Licence applications shall not be accepted without the signature of the applicant

    Membership of the RFEG will not become active until registration appears in the database.

  4. From the RFEG website.
    Visiting the following page: Only for applications for a licence without a handicap.

This is the number of handicap points that a player receives according to the difficulty of the course according to the starting points chosen for the course being played.

The specific EGA handicaps are divided into the following six handicap categories.

Competition Handicap Higher Handicap
Handicap Category 1 ≤4,4
2 4,5 – 11,4
3 11,5 – 18, 4
4 18,5 – 26,4
Exact EGA Handicap
5 26,5 – 36
6 (junior handicaps) 36,1,5 – 54
Level of play Age Maximum Handicap
Starter As high as 10 54,0
Novice 11 and 12 54,0
Children 13 and 14 54,0
Cadet 15 and 16 36,0 (Hcap exacto EGA máximo)
Junior As high as 21 36,0
Senior Over-21 36 ,0
Senior Female Over-50 36,0
Male Over-50 36,0

The federative license with a handicap can only be processed by the Clubs or Territorial Federations in the following cases:

  1. Those who have previously been licensed with a handicap and have terminated the licence, for any reason, and who are now seeking to obtain the license again. In these cases, they must confirm the handicap they had or a lower one at the most recent date of their federation, since in order to grant them any higher handicap, it must be justified by means of the Increase Form via the Club or Territorial Committee.

  2. Golfers from other countries who duly prove that they have a handicap by means of a certificate or a copy of their handicap card from the player's country of origin.

  3. Any licence application that arrives at the offices of the Balearic Golf Federation duly signed and stamped by the Competition Committee of the Club or licensed professional in force (indicating their licence number). The handicap assigned to the player must be indicated in the corresponding box.

If a member wishes to change from one club to another of the Territorial Balearic Islands, he/she must request it by sending the following form filled in, signed by the interested party and stamped by the club, to the e-mail

If a member wishes to change from another Territorial Federation to the Balearic Federation, he/she must request it by sending the following form filled in, signed by the interested party and stamped by the club, to, indicating that he/she wishes to belong to the Balearic Territorial Federation through a specific club or as an independent member. A new postal address and/or direct debit must be communicated in case of changes.

Club or Territorial Change Request Form

When a licence is suspended due to a cancellation of federation membership, it is possible for it to be renewed, taking into account the time elapsed since the cancellation.

People who, having previously been licensed, may have cancelled their membership for any reason and who intend to obtain the license again may, in these cases:

  1. If the cancellation took place in previous years, request the processing of a new licence.
  2. If the cancellation took place the same year is license recovery (pending payment method information)